Kaylee’s Best Dog Food

  • One medium hen
  • One package of chicken livers
  • One large bag of brown rice (I think this is thirty two ounces)
  • One can of pumpkin puree
  • One large bag of frozen, mixed vegetables (carrot, corn, limas, green beans, peas)
  • Two to two and a half pounds of goat feet, or paya
  1. I like to let the goats’ feet simmer in the crock pot for most of the day while I am doing the rest of this. Just enough water to cover the hooves.
  2. Boil your hen. I will often let this go for two hours or more, because it’s easier to debone and we’re going to use the broth for the rice.
  3. When your hen is finished, let it cool, and start the rice. The thirty two ounce bag will take ten cups of water to cook, although you can use as much as twelve. (I like to cook brown rice with some extra water, though that’s probably just me.)
  4. Debone your hen, and chop the meat and skin to bits. Add this to the rice as soon as it’s done.
  5. You should have a little extra broth. Use about a half-cup in a pan with a tight lid to cook your livers. Cook them all the way through, but you don’t need to brown them or anything.
  6. Puree the livers and broth with a hand blender, and add to your rice and chicken.
  7. Add pumpkin, the liquid from the goats’ feet, and the frozen veggies. (Don’t thaw the veggies beforehand. You want the cold to help bring everything else down to a manageable temperature.) You can discard the bones and softened hooves of the goats’ feet.
  8. Mix thoroughly, and divide into (for Kaylee) one-cup servings, and refrigerate. I mix this home-made dog food and high quality kibble for every meal. She gets a half a serving of the home-made and about ¾ of a cup of kibble, mixed together. The kibble contains a lot of extra vitamins and trace elements that are hard to put into the food yourself, even if it is not as natural and easily digested as the food you just made. A mix is better for your dog than all of either one.

Posted in on April 30, 2013
Recipe entered by: Kevin

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