Tomato and Garlic Sauce

By Lena / March 4, 2022 /

I got this recipe from Roseanne Pappas on the “We Are Italians – The Recipe Exchange“. I thought it was a really pretty way to cook and it looks great too!

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“Jammy” Soy Sauce/Ramen Eggs

By Lena / October 31, 2021 /

These are so good in ramen. I generally only do two at a time, but you could double/triple the recipe.

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Vietnamese Tomato Salad

By Lena / July 11, 2021 /

Notes from Jaimie Wilson: Don’t skimp on the fried shallots. That’s what makes this. I fried my own because I only had fresh. But the Asian stores have fried garlic and shallots. I used a Hungarian wax pepper. The herbs were Thai basil, Italian basil and cilantro. Ideally, i would have swapped the Italian basil…

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Red Thai Curry Paste

By Lena / May 9, 2021 /
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