Taco Soup

By Lena Shore / December 3, 2014 /

1 pound ground beef (or turkey) 1 onion 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tablespoon cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder (Kevin used taco seasoning) 8 ounces cream cheese 2 10-ounce cans of Rotel tomatoes (Kevin used diced fresh tomatoes and chopped up a poblano pepper) 2 cans of beef broth (we used chicken broth) Brown meat…

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Iced & Spiced Green Tea

By Kevin Pettway / May 7, 2014 /

Ingredients: Makes two pitchers Four tablespoons of your favorite kind of long leaf green tea. (I have a few, but I like the Imperial, and it’s usually very affordable.) Two bags of aromatic herbal “infusion.” (Technically, anything that doesn’t have tea leaves in it is an infusion, and not a tea. All this is for…

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Refrigerator Dill Pickles

By Lena Shore / November 11, 2013 /

Found on: These are super easy to make and very tasty. More like a Claussen pickle. Ingredients 1 bunch fresh dill 4 cloves garlic, peeled 3-4 medium-large cucumbers 3 cups water 6 tbsp. distilled white vinegar 3 tbsp. kosher salt Directions Add 1 minced or pressed clove of garlic and a few springs of…

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Amazing Turkey and Cabbage Stew

By Kevin Pettway / September 20, 2013 /

Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of chicken base paste (you can use salt instead, but start with 1 tablespoon and test it first) 4-5 cloves of garlic — chopped A handful of fresh basil leaves — about 2-3 tablespoons compressed — torn 1 tablespoon of fresh ginger — peeled and chopped 1½ cups of cooked chickpeas 2…

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Turkey Meatball

By Kevin Pettway / September 15, 2013 /

Ingredients: 2 Pounds Ground Turkey 2 Eggs ½ Cup Rye or Chickpea Flour ½ Cup Minced Red Onion 2 Tablespoons Minced Fresh Ginger 6 Minced Garlic Cloves ¼ Cup Chopped Fresh Parsley ¼ Cup Chopped Fresh Basil or Parsley ½ Cup Minced Zucchini 2 Minced Celery Stalks 1 Minced Jalapeno Pepper, seeds and ribs removed…

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Malaysian Seafood Curry

By Lena Shore / May 24, 2013 /

We tried this at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Yak and Yeti Thai restaurant. I found the recipe after much scouring online. It was SO good. 2 tablespoons canola oil 1 pound (about 2 medium) yellow onions, peeled, diced large 1 pound (about 3 large) zucchini, diced large 2 teaspoons minced garlic 2 teaspoons minced…

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Kaylee’s Best Dog Food

By Kevin Pettway / April 30, 2013 /

Ingredients One medium hen One package of chicken livers One large bag of brown rice (I think this is thirty two ounces) One can of pumpkin puree One large bag of frozen, mixed vegetables (carrot, corn, limas, green beans, peas) Two to two and a half pounds of goat feet, or paya Directions I like to let…

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Almond Milk

By Lena Shore / April 22, 2013 /

1 cup of raw almonds (pre-soak for 4 hours in water if you don’t have a Vitamix or other high speed blender) 3 cups of water 3 dates (or 2-3 tablespoons of agave) 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla extract Instructions Throw all in blender on high for 1-2 minutes. Strain liquid through a nut milk bag.

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Oak Street Saucy Chicken and Mushrooms

By Kevin Pettway / April 10, 2013 /

4 chicken thighs — whole, 2 chicken breasts — filleted, all deboned and skinned 3 tablespoons olive oil, the yummiest oil there is 8 cloves 2 bay leaves 3 tablespoons vinegar, red wine is fine, though anything but white will do 2 tablespoons agave 1½ cups sour cream Salt and pepper 1 cup chicken broth Flour…

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Raw Banana Cream Pie

By Lena Shore / February 23, 2013 /

by Crust ingredients: 1 cup cashews 1 cup dried, unsweetened coconut 1/2 cup dates 1/4 teaspoon sea salt Banana filling: 2 medium bananas 3/4 cup cashews 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup lemon juice 1/3 cup coconut oil 1 teaspoon vanilla 1/8 teaspoon sea salt Directions Place all crust ingredients in the food processor. Process…

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